Small business owner, manager, constant brainstormer. The young one.

Michael is the venue manager and part owner behind Bar Liberty, in Fitzroy.

Within Bar Liberty he has focused on product development with the launch of Liberty Spirit Co.

Previous to this Michael spent 3.5 years working at Attica Restaurant, which culminated in him becoming Assistant Restaurant Manager. Prior to Attica he worked at Nahm Restaurant in London as well as a host of wineries, breweries and restaurants in the Yarra Valley. 



Wine distributor, sommelier, manager. The angry one.

Banjo started his career in hospitality in Adelaide at his parent’s restaurant, before moving to London to gain more experience. During this time, his love of the industry led him to work in Sydney, where he spent a number of years working at some of the top restaurants, culminating in him becoming a Sommelier at Quay.

After many years at Quay, Banjo took the opportunity to move to Melbourne and take on the task of Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier at the well-regarded Attica. During his four and a half year stint in this position, Banjo crafted an award winning wine list, as well as bringing the standard of service to a level in which it was repeatedly regarded not only the best in Melbourne, but one of the top restaurants in the world.

Banjo currently part owns a wine distribution business (REAL Wines), an online wine sales business (The Wine Gallery), a wine bar (Bar Liberty) and is on the way to becoming just the fourth Australian-based Master Sommelier. 



Sommelier, restaurant manager, athlete, mother. The Jewish one.

Meira started working in hospitality 10 years ago in a Italian restaurant called ‘Bellini’ in Tel Aviv, Israel. After growing to be a Restaurant Manager and a Sommelier Meira came to Melbourne 5 years ago
to learn more about food and wine.

In the past 5 years she has worked at some of Victoria’s finest restaurants - Brooks, Grossi Florentino and The Lake House.

Meira is now the Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier at The Town Mouse as well as being the Age Good Food Guide Sommelier of the Year for 2016. 




Chef, baker, fermenter, globetrotter. The English one.

Vicky started her career in London at a number of restaurants including Claridge’s where she worked for two years as Sous Chef. After her stint in London she spent time as a stagier at some of the world’s top restaurants, this included In de Wulf in Belgium, before turning her attention to New York.

In New York, Vicky worked for six months for one the most influential restaurants in the world, WD 50.

Upon her arrival in Melbourne she was given the opportunity to work at Attica Restaurant where she completed a two year stint. 

Vicky is now focusing on baking at Loafer Bread in North Fitzroy, as well as fermenting anything she can get her hands on.